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Know your plantar arch

pronationIt is useful to determine the type of arch, as it affects the style of racing and can be a good starting point in choosing the most suitable shoes. There are three types of arch height. Who has the flat foot or low arch, tends to have un'iperpronazione. Conversely, those with a high arch tends to have un'ipopronazione. If your period is normal, chances are it is also your level of pronation. The Wet Test is a simple way to understand what kind of arch you have.

Understanding the stamps:

plantar arch low
normal plantar arch
high plantar arch
Low arch likely pronation Arch support probable normal neutral High-arched supinator likely

The Wet Tes:

Fill a basin with water and put a piece of paper next to it. The ideal would be a piece of dark colored paper.
Sign in with both feet into the bowl and then place it on dry paper. Then remove the feet from the paper and see the footprints that you left. If the footprint shows a curve inward slightly marked or absent in the arch, it means that you have a very low arch or flat foot.
Conversely, if the curve between the front and the heel is very pronounced, then the arch is very high and you have your foot cable. If your foot is a middle ground between these descriptions, you have a normal arch: there is a slight curve inward, but is not too bad.
Obviously this is just a test that does not replace the advice of a specialist should always be contacted to set assessments of their support.