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Trauma from running

trauma from running

In this session, let's summarize some common but mistaken notions of those who practice the race. In fact, some research done they can describe the most common.

a) I have heard people running stronger than me: This is not true! Starting from the basic fact that there are people more or less fitted for a certain sport you can think that the training program who is already at a good level to match the characteristics of another, if you are mostly a amateur level can also be harmful to overworked with much probability of incurring an injury.

b) stretched Muscle In fact, because of the physiology of stretching our muscles there, but muscle injuries can be:
1 Contractures: the muscle is only one contract in this case it heals spontaneously in about 7 days. maybe with some inflammatory
2 Elongations: there is a relaxation of the muscle fibers without breaking, the recovery time can vary from 15 to 20 days.
3 Distractions: the pain is more focused at the point in question and can detect the presence of bruising or bruises, rest time from 20 days. to 40 days. with compression bandages and anti-inflammatory.
4 Breaks: as well as pain and bruising, it is clear the point at which the muscle fibers are broken because of the trauma. Orthopedic intervention is required immediately, as is indicated in severe cases surgery to suture the muscle fibers. In these cases, the interruption of the sport can be up to 4 months old. Before resuming exercise after an injury is very important you make a full recovery, the fact that after a trauma with each passing day the pain is decreasing should not encourage you to take up the sport, it takes little to ignite a muscle or back ligament, so you have to wait until you have more pain in that area.

c) The day after the pain of lactic acid are not dependent: it can, even if in high concentrations during the practice of sport is reabsorbed by the body after a few hours. The pain resulting from microtrauma is mechanical rather than biological.
The pain may appear as pain on exertion or pain the next day :
The pain on exertion: born during the test and is very athletic due to lactic acid in muscle is not well trained or depletion of energy reserves, are interested in this case both legs.
The pain of the day: appears after about 24 hours and can last up to 4 days. This is caused by rough handling during the development of sport that causes injury or microtrauma, after the tissues were ricicatrizzati the muscle will be stronger and ready to support a stress equal to that which caused the trauma. Unfortunately gradualizzare is meant as an exercise in the first few times it is almost impossible to avoid the initial pain.