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Sweating does not lose weight



And 'fundamentally wrong. The sweating is to cool the body just as the temperature rises, as during the movement. The process is controlled by the hypothalamus and the skin throughout the body are the sweat glands. In fact, the water lost is recovered, however, sweating and then weight loss is fictitious, many still believe that a warm clothing or a specific exercise has a significant slimming effect. Here then who is to eliminate the abdominal bacon or the lady who runs with heavy tights in summer to slim legs. In fact the fat (or carbohydrates) is eliminated locally restored by caloric intake, since subjects in the various preferential localization points, so to lose weight really need to introduce into your body fewer calories and sports activities, introducing more calories than the daily requirement is not we would get good results.
During exercise so you do not need to use the K-way to sweat. Instead, it is necessary to leave the body from the clothes if you feel too warm. If you overdo the heat may appear dangerous symptoms that are the prelude of heat stroke such as headache, dry mouth, dizziness, tachycardia. If at the end of the workout you feel it is well to rest, drink fluids and cool the body.If the temperature suddenly rises and the body stops sweating but it is good to put yourself in a cool room or in the cool of the pool, not to be alone and call a physician immediately. And 'heat stroke itself, a very serious medical emergency.

Excessive sweating purifies us?:

Actually this is not so, unfortunately we are convinced that in order to purify the pollution of the outside world has to practice fasting, sweat a lot, take tea or make some kind of purification techniques. Actually a healthy body normally knows purified. The so-called cleansing techniques that produce more waste water treatment. Excessive sweating, among other things, the body loses valuable substances and the increase in body temperature requires many organs were overrun with other production waste: thus achieving the opposite effect.