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Subungual hematoma

Subungual hematomaOne of the annoying and painful problems when they encounter the runner is called subungual hematoma, it is manifested by the appearance of a spot of a hematoma varies in color from red to black under the long toe concerned, the cause is due to a real trauma suffered as a result of the foot soles are not suitable for sporting activities because even small, or when the practice of racing for most of the time is of the slopes downhill.
The pain that occurs is due to the pressure that is generally between the nail and nail bed due to loss of blood that accumulates under the nail can not escape, the greater the swelling of the nail bed, the greater the pain occurs.
To reduce the trauma must immerse the injured foot for 10-15 minutes in a bowl of ice water to minimize the bleeding and numb the party.Then you can reduce pain by venting the blood accumulated under long by drilling a small part of the surface thereof.
This should be done by a specialist if you will once the nail holes to put the creams to combat the spread of infections and fungal, the relief was immediate after the leakage of blood.
The loss of the nail can always happen, unfortunately, even if it still grow back