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The importance of the race

race and wellness

Race and wellness

And 'now ample evidence that running regularly is good for health, aids circulation, stimulates the lose weight and good humor. The only rule to observe is not to overdo it and follow some simple practical advice.
Studies have shown that the race is good for the heart, improves cardiac and circulatory efficiency by placing in a circle in an effort to vasodilatory substances. These substances carry out their action on the muscles and arteries: the arteries, through the action of vasodilation, increase in size and maintain this expansion with the cessation of physical activity, blood circulation, therefore, meets less resistance in the vessels and all this contribute to lowering blood pressure by reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease and decreasing the values ​​of blood cholesterol.
Runners lose weight more easily than sedentary people, losing weight is important to solve a series of problems that obesity causes. The localized fat especially in the abdomen is more dangerous than the one distributed on the hips and thighs. Fortunately, the abdominal fat is easily removed with sports and especially with the race. You get the weight loss decreases when the content of fat in adipocytes, cells that deposit. The removal of fat is through a process called lipolysis, which is stimulated in adipocytes during the race: the fats come from these cells which are then used by muscles for energy. Body fat decreases and this leads to an advantage both esthetics and health.