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Pronation and Supination

neutral support

Runners with neutral support:

Pronation is nothing more than the normal biomechanical movement that the foot makes inward, from stance to that of pushing from the outside of the heel (fig1) passing through the center of the arch (Fig. 2) and to the inside of the forefoot (Fig. 3) so if there should be a problem will be defined or ipopronazione pronation (supination).


Runner with support iperpronatorio:

An excessive pronation causes the foot to continue to rotate after impact on the ground instead of beginning the pushing phase. This causes excessive tension in the foot, shin and knee area and can cause pain in the affected areas. Who runs this way may find excessive wear on the inside of footwear. A pronation could recommend a shoe with dual density midsole, but this only and only if in the past experienced problems or muscle from the knees down. In fact it is said that one must necessarily have pronation problems skeletal muscle because your body really in the cases tend to dell'iperpronatore law of nature to compensate for its wrong move by the knee ligaments and muscles. So paradoxically, if a pronation which did not give a shoe much noise remedy could create imbalances and damage to joints. So beware.


Runner with support ipopronatorio (Supination):

The supinator are those athletes who have a movement of pronation insufficient because of poor mobility of the joints affecting the movement of the foot, these in fact the stance phase to the final push to keep rolling and mostly on the outside of the foot loading. In this case, the runner should not rely on any correction system, you just buy the shoes and only neutral, the thermoplastic carrier instead of the shoe does not create a problem or the supinator all'iperpronatore it.

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