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sports newsIt is now present on a new way to read information much richer and more detailed than before. New and diversified areas such as; sports, news, motors, technology and labor.
Pronation and Supination:
pronation and supinationLearn more about what it means to be overpronators or supinator.
The wet-test:
wet testWant to know if you are a likely pronator or supinator? Or do they have a neutral gait? Find out with the Wet-test...
Let's talk about Geox:
geox breathesItalian footwear company that has distinguished itself by ingenuity and technological innovation, we talk about Geox...
Patents and technologies:
patentArea dedicated to all the new technologies and patents that companies have developed to enhance their sporting activity....
Sporting events reported:
under constructionIn this area you can make known to all the sporting events that you want or what you like...