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Geox patent

Patent rubber

patent rubber

The rubber sole is made with small holes under the forefoot, the area of greatest sweating for the high concentration of sweat glands, but these holes alone are not enough, because the shoe breathable would be yes, but not waterproof, so it is superimposed perforated area in the membrane patented geox, this thanks to its particular structure allows the passage of particles of water vapor that are about 700 times smaller than the water and not instead allows the passage of water particles larger, this makes the shoe completely waterproof.

Patent leather

patent leather

The leather from years being a natural fiber has always been used in the production of shoes, due to its ability to make the foot breathe. But in rainy conditions, and then wet this its advantage is also inconvenient since it allows the passage of moisture inside the shoe, the patent geox leather, due to its feature, allows, thanks to the waterproof membrane to give greater comfort to those the wearing and eliminate that nagging feeling of moisture.

Patent Net system o Patent sport

patent net system

The technology Net System, allows the foot to breathe over its entire surface. The traditional rubber sole is replaced by a sole constituted by macrofori on which rests a network in kevlar highly resistant to traction, this in turn is placed along the surface of the special Geox membrane, thus leaving the free foot to breathe and preventing at the same time the water from entering the shoe.

Patent amphibiox

patent amphibiox

Geox revolutionises the concept of waterproof footwear with a new line of shoes waterproof and breathable which consists in applying a special breathable and waterproof membrane directly to the upper. The upper part of the shoe thus becomes waterproof and breathable, given that the water does not stagnate inside the shoe. The membrane itself is also present on the sole, as in all traditional footwear Geox, providing an ideal microclimate for the foot even in adverse weather conditions.

Patent clothing

patent clothing

Our body continually produces heat in particular in situations of physical activity, greatly increase the body temperature. Geox has created a cavity inside which the heat naturally moves and concentrates in the area of ​​the shoulders and back out of the aerators in the upper part of the shoulders where, however, thanks to the presence of a membrane is not allowed water to enter.