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Geox Breathes

geox breathes

On this page we will talk about the Italian footwear company that has distinguished itself by ingenuity and technological innovation, we talk about Geox. When all companies sought to improve their performance in terms of cushioning, responsiveness of materials and comfort, and when it seemed that everything on the shoe was already done. Born overwhelmingly a new concept of footwear, the concept of maximum breathability made ​​by Geox. This fact has created a product that deviates from the industry and from running certain parameters and technical sports, thinking only of the comfort of the shoe, pointing a pioneering the concept of transpiration, the creator of this revolutionary new patent is the entrepreneur Mario Moretti Polegato, which as a result of a brilliant idea in 1995 he founded Geox at Montebelluna (Treviso). A company that has established itself in the world on their own terms of innovation, technology, research and quality.
After nearly 20 years, the company operates with 1,150 single-brand stores, 11,000 multi-brand stores in at least 103 countries in the world with more than 5,000 employees and a turnover of about 887.3 million euro (source Wikipedia).
But why is that exactly this happened?
Through its research laboratories have been included in the market, 4 patents in footwear with the other two systems and a patent in clothing. All acts to improve the consumer experience in terms of comfort and breathability, here they are:

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Patent geox rubber
geox patent leather
geox patent amphibiox
geox patent net system
geox patent clothing
Net System