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Football Cleats

Football Cleats

How many times have you bought a football boot studs also looking and just say, these studs are 6, 13, 15 and these are round or laminated? Each time course, but we can understand exactly what types of land are most suitable forms and materials that creates the cleats? Apart from the different types of materials ie PVC cleats or cleats, rubber, plastic / aluminum, or less interchangeable, manufacturers along with the name of every single shoe fit the labels on the nomenclature convention for all the same, they are SG, FG , HG, TF, IN. We also remember that there are many areas where you play now, we have those on earth, grass, synthetic, concrete, and also considering the different climatic conditions where you can play in a field soil becomes mud, and then a shoe can be less suitable than another.

Better know the acronyms:

SG (Soft Ground): Ground extremely natural springs.

FG (Firm Ground): Natural dry land.

HG (Hard Ground): dry land or very hard artificial turf of the new generation.

IN (Indoor): polished indoor surfaces.

TF (Turf): artificial grass and hard court.

Usually considered that:

Soles with studs that mount orientation from 6 to 8 studs are commonly used for soft turf, heavy or muddy fields. The cleats can be plastic and aluminum if interchangeable polyurethane if fixed. This sole is not suitable in areas particularly hard given the almost total absence of 'midsole.

The sole fixed studs with plastic (polyurethane):

It 's suitable for clay courts, the cleats from 12 to 15 can be both round and glued, you can also play well in real turf or new generation.

The rubber sole with fixed studs:

It 's suitable for hard surfaces as the rubber studs absorb more impact with the ground, the number of spikes ranges from 12 to 15 may be round or laminated, you can use it in real turf or new generation.

The sole football or Turf:

It 's suitable for very hard or fields with synthetic grass, is not suitable for grass fields, heavy or muddy fields. It has many small rubber studs, this favors the inclusion of a higher and therefore midsole added cushioning, support is very stable.