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Corn and calluses

calli duroni


The streets that plague runners can be very annoying, the most harmless are those that are generated on the skin surface and in common with blisters, are a form of reaction to friction continuous or incorrect placement of the foot, while the more serious are the calluses bone that often form around the base of the toe, usually the big toe, finger because it is the largest and undergoes more stress, some studies have shown a correlation between the formation of calluses and a little arch support, the so-called flat foot. Who has a slightly accentuated arch is brought to run with internal pronation, a movement that facilitates the formation of hallux valgus. The process can be accentuated by a lack of elasticity of the tendons that fail to compensate for the increased demand in voltage due arch plate. If the muscles of the leg are also poorly developed and trained, can not convey enough strength to the foot and it turns to a greater suffering of the first metatarsal. The callus, besides being painful in contact with the ground, it can also change the support of the foot because its presence under the big toe and consequently the other fingers in an unnatural position, it is characterized by a localized thickening on the most superficial layer of the skin, which then sinks into the skin because of the pressure that the foot itself receives from our body. When walking, or running manifest pain, more or less intense. To reduce friction and wear socks during the race thicker, with reinforcements in critical areas. The very thick and painful calluses should be treated by a doctor through intervention that is not at all painful. The relief is immediate. If the callus is caused by the type of shoe, of course you will be required to use more comfortable footwear. If relapsed, to protect the sensitive part of the bearings can be used to measure modeled by podiatrist or pharmacy we can find a standard measurement or even find the corn removers that destroy the excess of horny material. It 'good to be careful not to apply them on the healthy parts of the skin to avoid burns. Diabetics should not use the corn removers based on acetylsalicylic acid or soda, for the risk of ulceration. For prevention, it would be good to use toe shoes comfortable reserving adequate space, loosely in the tip. As for the shoe, an adequate arch support and the rise at the heel are important features to prevent or not worsen these problems. Simply stay at least at home with comfortable open-toed slippers.


When the stratum corneum of the skin hardens under the sole of the foot, at the base of the fingers, or under the heel calluses appear. At the basis of the disorder is excessive compression by the body. The pain is reminiscent of a sunburn and is less localized than that caused by a callus, but the cure is identical. To decrease the compression is useful to apply a base that changes the posture of the foot. The 90 percent of calluses in fact is due to an imbalance of the foot.