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category shoesWe have seen in the section, the technology of the shoe, as the running shoes are made, just from all of these differences create very different products and then adapting to the specific nature of sport and the physiology of the athlete. The cataloging of the shoes is made based on the weight and the presence of antipronazione systems, so they are divided into:

Super light:Shoe in the race, allowing the rider maximum performance, lightweight and flexible, are built with the criteria of essentiality, do not exceed the reference measurement 250grammi considering the male US9, their shape is slightly curved to allow the foot a great freedom of movement, have systems of protection and stability, are recommended for those who run fast and have no problem supporting.
Intermediate:Those shoes belong to the intermediate whose weight varies between 250 and 290 grams, have a similar approach to fast but have a more stable and shock-absorbing, at times entering the small control systems. They have a good compromise between the stability of the hindfoot and forefoot flexibility. For people to read and fit are great for training, for the heavier can be used safely as a racing footwear.

The weight of these shoes varies between 300 and 400 grams, have a straight or semi-curved shape with a good gap between forefoot and heel safeguarding heel, tendons and joints. They are suitable for training of athletes with support for neutral or supinator, (in support of reversal), no correction systems of support.

The midsole have stable systems that are opposed to excessive breakdown of the foot and then to limit over-pronation of an athlete, as their weight for maximum cushioning is between 300 and 400 grams, the shape of the shoe is straight to better support the arch. Course are strongly discouraged for those who suffer a reversal.