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Ten tips for race day

advice before the race

Your competition may benefit from a dose of adrenaline, but not one that forces you to go to the bathroom two minutes before the starting signal. Here are ten tips from our team not to panic and give up.

1. It arrives early

Stay informed on the race. This means that you should make sure you know where it starts and ends up arranging for transportation. What is a race big or small, estimated at least an hour to warm and become familiar with the environment.

2. Do not eat anything during the hour before the race

You can not run without having eaten anything, but it will make the race too close to cramping. Try to carbohydrate intake is not later than one hour before the race.

3. For longer distances, plan hydration

Above 10 km races in many people need to drink not to dehydrate. Do you prefer running with a bottle? Or you do not create problems for a drink in refreshment? Decide what you going to do and train accordingly.

4. Decide how you'll race in the race

It is impossible to predict the course of each race, but that does not mean you do not need a plan. Want to start at speed and then slow down or vice versa? Do not let your plan is influenced by the behavior of other riders. For beginners we recommend not to go too strong. Outperform those with exaggerated enthusiasm in the second half of the race will make you feel much better!

5. Dressed in a smart way

Check the weather forecast for that day and dresses appropriately. The races are not the place for experiments, so wear clothes that you know well and not something new.

6. Use the other runners to keep the pace

When you feel tired, keep up the other runners around you is useful not to lose the race pace. Another useful strategy is to choose someone not too far ahead of you, and groped to join or simply to maintain the same distance between you.

7. Split the race

In a longer race, may be useful to break down mentally travel in several batches. For a half-marathon, 5 km walk four times, considering a portion at a time. This method also works with visual cues (such as lampposts and street corners). Makes the distance less daunting and relieves the pressure.

8. Relax

Although epinephrine is necessary and inevitable, the nervousness and tension can affect your performance. Try to make a mental list at regular intervals during the race. Ask yourself: How am I going? How do I feel? Try to relax the hands, shoulders and breathing. This will help you take doing less work.

9. Gate of the proponents

Join the race with a friend or bring along friends and family that support you. Supporters for you to know that someone will give you the energy you need when you begin to feel tired. Also, running is easier when there is someone at the finish line waiting for you to share the moment.

10. It does not matter if it's your first or hundredth race: enjoy!

Running should be fun. If your performance has disappointed you, give yourself a little 'frustration, but then on the register Note it and move on. Read it afterwards will help you not to repeat a similar experience. But remember that bad days happen to all the memory will fade quickly when you do the next good racing!