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Today all companies in the industry, manufacture clothing and footwear with new features, incorporate the latest scientific and technological discoveries, products entering the market more and more sophisticated. The range of available products is in fact very high. For the most demanding athletes the market offers products of high technology and design, for those who practice from time to time with the goal of walking or running to keep fit, so we can move towards natural fabrics, especially cotton yarn. When you purchase these items, you must pay attention to the seams because these in some parts (thighs, underarms, feet), can get into excessive contact with the skin, creating areas of friction, overheating, leading to annoying redness skin. For the more demanding and for those who train every day, in addition to cotton, there are man-made fibers that provide good ventilation and allow the athlete to run a long time without problems.
Usually there are two mistakes that runners make: use multiple layers and use clothing wide (overalls). The use of more layers does not allow for breathability, you sweat more than necessary, all without reason. The use of the suit raises a rather different problem: Because usually the clothing is comfortable and wide, to heat efficiently must be very heavy, always heavier than you would get with other materials in the same climatic conditions.

The attire for training:

When running in training is essential to cover properly, according to outside temperature. In late winter, when temperatures are near zero, it becomes necessary to dress in full, covering my hands with gloves and head, including ears. This is to avoid loss of valuable heat. If there is wind and rain jackets and rain pants can be used: these products are made primarily of nylon. This man-made fiber is waterproof but it does not allow a good transpiration and therefore the sweat produced by the athlete during exercise can not evaporate. For this, the market there are other equally impervious clothing that provide excellent breathability in any case, this avoids the ice as possible, that the sweat on the skin temperature changes that are creating the real cause of the illness.

The dress for the races:

When discussing race is good cover in more light. This is because the stress of competition leads to consume more and thus produce proportionally more heat. The heat must necessarily be eliminated by evaporation of sweat, or through the heat exchange that occurs between the body surface and external environment (convection). Here are some technical clothing for runners and their specific functions, from one manufacturer to another the characteristics are similar, we learn to know them by name when you serve find them in stores.


DRI f.i.t. Fabric suitable for every sport, allows sweat to evaporate quickly as possible while keeping the skin dry during the activity.

THERMA f.i.t. Constitutes a thermal protection and insulation against the wind through the dense network with which it is made. The air pockets that are an integral part of the fabric allows the body to have a temperature as constant as possible.

CLIMA f.i.t. And 'ideal for sports activities carried out ensures optimal breathability, sweat yet is water resistant (water resistant).

STORM f.i.t. Created for extreme weather conditions and high humidity. Inside is a laminate heat-sealed water proof which makes the head (fully waterproof), but it always guarantees a good sweat to evaporate and a constant body temperature.


SUPPLEX e NUPLES: are two similar products made ​​of a softer than normal thin-spun cotton, making the head light and elastic, waterproof and breathable, they do not absorb moisture.

MERYL: The main feature is to be an anti-static fabric softer than normal nylon does not absorb moisture and allows leaders to create colorful, dries quickly and is stain resistant.

AQUATOR:It has an excellent breathability keeps your body cool and dry, dries quickly.

HYDROMOVE: Although this does not breathable product that cools the body, good for moisture rich environments.


DFCUT: It'a cutting system patented by Mizuno, results from a research project focused on the human body (anthropometric). This research has allowed Mizuno to produce patterns that compensate and facilitate the movement of the body during exercise. Garments made with the DFC models allow the body greater freedom of movement while still providing support and protection.

DRYSCIENCE: Offers a series of runners high performance materials to improve athletic performance, keeping you dry, ensuring comfort during the performance.

BIO GEAR:It adheres perfectly to the body and improves the support, flexibility and overall performance. It stretches 2.5 times more material in one of the most popular products on the market today. This means that BIOGEA R does not limit the movements of the body. The material at hand requires more energy to move the body and this leads to unnecessary muscle fatigue.


BIOMORPHIC CUT: It 'an innovative process of cutting and sewing garments. And 'the result of intensive research on human motion in order to maximize freedom of movement.

BIOMORPHIC MOTION:Biomorphic motion technologies improve movement and posture due to the control of complex movement of the skeletal system and muscles during exercise.

DUOTECH COLD: With the temperature control keeps the body warm during times of intense cold.

DUOTECH WARM: And 'ideal on hot days. Thanks to his perfect control of perspiration keeps the body dry by increasing comfort and performance.

BIOMORPHIC COOL: Cool Biomorphic technology keeps you cool by removing heat because they effectively address the rapid increase in body temperature.

DUOTECH RAIN: Waterproof for rainy days.

DUOTECH WIND: Duotech Wind provides excellent protection thanks to its anti-wind.